Chapter Legislative Affairs

In support of our membership, the Chapter participates with national MOAA, the Virginia Council of Chapters (VCOC/MOAA), the Joint Leadership Council of Veteran Service Organizations (JLC) and the Board for Veterans Services of Virginia, in actively lobbying the various members of the Virginia Congressional Delegation and the Virginia General Assembly on issues of importance to the uniformed services, retiree, veterans and survivors communities.

At the national level, our efforts have had a profound impact on the legislative outcome of active-duty pay and benefits, COLA initiatives, concurrent receipt, combat-related special compensation, Tricare-for-Life, Tricare Pharmacy and Survivor Benefit Plan compensation to name just a few.

At the state level, our efforts have resulted in enhanced support for the National Guard and Reserve, construction of Veterans Care Centers, construction of state Veterans Cemeteries, funding for the expansion of the Virginia War Memorial, reorganization and increased staffing for the state Department of Veterans Services, creation of the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, in-state tuition for service members, veterans and dependents domiciled in Virginia and many other legislative actions of great benefit to the military and veterans communities of Virginia.

On the last Monday in January each year, representatives from the 18 MOAA chapters in Virginia, converge at the Virginia General Assembly for the "VCOC Storming the Hill."  During this day-long event, Virginia MOAA members meet with their state Senators and Delegates to advocate VCOC's state legislative objectives and acquire patrons and co-patrons for bills to support these objectives.  The group is also addressed during this convocation by key members of the Executive Branch and the General Assembly.

In Spring of each year, we send a delegation of chapter members to Washington, to meet with the Virginia Congressional Delegation and their legislative assistants, to establish and reinforce a working rapport at the "grass-roots" level. Throughout the year, members of the chapter's Legislative Committee conduct group and one-on-one visits to both national and state legislators to discuss and promote MOAA and VCOC legislative interest items.

Each calendar quarter VCOC-MOAA holds an Executive Board meeting at select locations in Virginia, wherein the Legislative Affairs representatives from each Virginia MOAA chapter meet to discuss legislative items of interest/action at the state and national levels. Each week, each MOAA chapter receives the MOAA Legislative Update via electronic mail, which highlights items of immediate interest on the Washington scene. RAC-MOAA provides additional support for MOAA national legislative initiatives by alerting its members through the chapter's E-mail Network.  This website routinely posts the latest four (4) MOAA Legislative Updates for review/action by our membership.

Should you desire to discuss a Legislative Affairs matter, or join our Legislative Committee call LTC Graig Pinsker at 804-301-1222, or send him an e-mail message by clicking here.

"Working Together
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