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Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA
Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA
Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA
VCOC Legislative Affairs

VCOC Legislative Mission

The Virginia Council of Chapters (VCOC) is the coordinating organization for the Military Officers Association of America in Virginia. There are over 49,000 MOAA members in the Commonwealth and the VCOC provides the forum for the 18 MOAA chapters in Virginia to develop common policies and objectives.

Just as MOAA members served in leadership roles on active duty, they continue to serve in leadership positions in veteran service organizations (VSOs), and on many Virginia boards and commissions that address veterans' issues. The VCOC benefits from this diverse experience as it works to support the needs and concerns of veterans throughout the Commonwealth and act as a proponent for uniformed services, retiree, survivor and veterans' issues at the state level. The VCOC holds a seat on the Joint Leadership Council of the Board for Veterans Services. This coalition of 23 veterans organizations is united to "speak with one voice" in promoting issues which support active-duty, Guard, Reserve, retirees, survivors and all veterans in the Commonwealth. The VCOC and its Richmond Area Chapter play key roles in the development of the legislative platform of the Joint Leadership Council (JLC).

In January each year, representatives from the 18 MOAA chapters in Virginia, converge at the Virginia General Assembly for the "VCOC Storming the Hill."  During this day-long event, Virginia MOAA members meet with their state Senators and Delegates to advocate VCOC's state legislative objectives and acquire patrons and co-patrons for bills to support these objectives.  The group is also addressed during this convocation by key members of the Executive Branch and the General Assembly.  Information on how you can participate in this event will be published in the chapter newsletter in late December.

State Legislative Goals

Legislation will be introduced in the 2019 Legislative Session of the Virginia General Assembly to accomplish the following objectives which were adopted by the Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (JLC) in October 2018. These are the top legislative priorities of the 28 Veterans Service Organizations represented on the JLC as of the October 2018 meeting in priority order:

  • JLC 2019-01 Increased State Active Duty (SAD) Pay
  • JLC 2019-02 Income Tax Subtraction for Certain Low-Income 100% Disabled Veterans
  • JLC 2019-03 Electronic Return of State Election Ballots by Deployed Virginia Military Personnel
  • JLC 2019-04 Personal Property Tax Relief for Certain Disabled Veterans
  • JLC 2019-05 Free State Tuition for Virginia National Guardsmen
  • JLC 2019-06 Removing Combat Requirement for VMSDEP
  • JLC 2019-07 Phased in System for Partial State Tax Exemption for Military Retirement Income 
  • JLC 2019-00 Protection from Malicious Body Injury to Armed Forces
  • JLC 2019-00 Personal Property Tax Relief for Certain Disabled Veterans

For more information and copies of each initiative's position paper, go to

RACMOAA, along with the VCOC, will join the JLC in "Storming the General Assembly" on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Details will be shared when available.

MOAA National Legislative Goals

  • Ensure any Tricare reform sustains access to high-quality care.
  • Prevent disproportional TRICARE fee increases.
  • Sustain military pay comparability with the private sector.
  • Block erosion of compensation and non-pay and quality-of-life benefits.
  • Protect military retirement/COLAs.
  • Sustain wounded-warrior programs and expand caregiver support.
  • End disabled/survivor financial penalties.
  • Ensure the Guard/Reserve retirement system adequately supports requirements for an operational reserve.
  • Recruiting of an all-volunteer force require alignment of spoue and family support programs.
  • Ensure timely access to VA health care and preserve veterans earned benefits.

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Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA
Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA
Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA
Richmond Area Chapter - MOAA

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