Chapter Member Relations

Welcoming Members.  The Director of Member Relations serves as the chapter's "Hospitality Coordinator." At each chapter meeting, LTC Joe Tarantino provides members with their nametags and meal preference cards, and also ensures that new chapter members, or those attending a meeting for the first time, are greeted and escorted by a chapter member and provided assistance in finding a seat and meeting other members.  Each new member attending a chapter meeting for the first time receives a special "welcome envelope" to help make their first chapter experience a memorable one.

We also like to "introduce" our new members at our meetings, so don't be bashful if LTC Tarantino contacts you prior to the meeting, and asks a few questions about your military service.  We want to get to know you and want you to get to know us!

If you would like to volunteer to be one of our "official greeters," contact LTC Tarantino at 804-276-5393 or by e-mail at