Chapter Personal Affairs

In our continuing effort to "take care of our own," the Chapter operates a Directorate for Personal Affairs, to assist the surviving spouse and family members of deceased or severely-ill Chapter members. Upon receipt of notification of the death or severe illness of a regular or auxiliary chapter member, the Personal Affairs Director immediately contacts the surviving spouse or appropriate family members, to render consolation, advice and assistance.

Our counselor directs the survivors' attention to the Survivor Assistance Checklist on this website. This document contains useful information for the survivors to use in making proper death notifications to the various federal government departments, in order to protect, preserve and obtain survivor benefits. The survivors are also referred to MOAA publications available from MOAA Member Services at 1-800-234-6622.

The Chapter also provides formal notification to MOAA upon the death of a regular or auxiliary member, and arranges for the regular membership of the deceased to be automatically converted to a MOAA auxiliary membership for the surviving spouse. Normally, a package of MOAA membership information, and a new auxiliary membership card and member number, are received by the surviving spouse within two weeks of initial notification.

Every January, at the scheduled General Membership Meeting, the Chapter conducts a moving Memorial Service, to honor those regular and auxiliary members and spouses, who have "made their last muster" during the previous calendar year.

If you need to report the death of a RAC-MOAA Member or need any other personal affairs assistance, please call COL Jim Rose at 804-276-6775 or send her an e-mail by clicking here.