Headstone "Veteran" Medallions
Available from the VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs is making available a new medallion to be affixed to an existing “privately purchased” headstone or marker to signify the deceased's status as a veteran. If requested, the medallion will be furnished in lieu of a traditional government headstone or marker for veterans that died on or after November 1, 1990, and whose grave is marked with a privately-purchased headstone or marker.

The medallion is available in three sizes, 5 inches, 3 inches, and 1˝ inches. Each medallion will be inscribed with the word “VETERAN” across the top and the Branch of Service at the bottom. Affixing adhesive, instructions and hardware will be provided with the medallion. Any cost to install the medallion is borne by the recipient.

Important:  This benefit is only applicable if the grave is marked with a privately-purchased headstone or marker. In these instances, eligible veterans are entitled to either a traditional government-furnished headstone or flat ground marker or the new medallion, but not both.

For family members of eligible Veterans interested in submitting a claim for the new medallion, instructions on how to apply for a medallion will be updated on NCA’s web site at  www.cem.va.gov/hm_hm.asp.

Until a new form specifically designed for ordering the medallion is available, use VA Form 40-1330: Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker. Fill the form out completely with the exception of blocks 11 (Type of Headstone or Marker Requested) and 27 (Remarks). Leave block 11 blank. In block 27 put the word “Medallion” followed by the size requested. For example; use “Medallion 5-inch” to request a 5-inch medallion.