Military Community Assistance Program

The chapter operates a Military Community Assisstance Program (MCAP), which provides its members the opportunity to make cash donations to support active-duty service members and combat-wounded veterans and their families.  Over the past several years, donations to the MCAP have supported the following programs, charities and troop-support initiatives:

How You Can Participate - We need chapter members to: (1) staff the MCAP Committee to help organize and administer the MCAP; (2) make donations of Health & Comfort items for McGuire patients; and (3) donate funds to support the financial-assistance objectives of the MCAP.

Cash Contributions - If you wish to make a contribution to support our MCAP efforts click here. All funds donated will be held in a special MCAP account. Disbursement of these funds will be determined by the MCAP Committee and the Board of Directors in response to specific needs of the organizations and programs we support.  Periodic reports will be published in the chapter newsletter to tell you about the progress of the MCAP.

McGuire VA Medical Center Support - McGuire VA Medical Center needs volunteers to: drive trams and vans; man the Information Desk; assist in the laboratory and pharmacy; greet patients and their families; help in the library; etc. McGuire inpatients need donations of personal comfort articles such as: disposable razors; shaving cream; aftershave; toothpaste and brushes; deodorant; disposable cameras; writing supplies; socks; etc.

Health & Comfort Item Donations - If you wish to donate health & comfort items to McGuire inpatients, simply purchase the items you wish to donate, bag them up, and bring them to any dinner meeting. We will get them to McGuire Hospital.