RAC-MOAA Member Benefits
  •   Effective representation of your interests at the national and state levels of government on issues affecting your military and veteran's pay and benefits.
  •   A bimonthly newsletter, "The Patriot," to keep you informed and up-to-date on issues of importance to the uniformed services community (provided via the Chapter website for "paperless" members in HTML and PDF formats).
  •   Access to the Chapter Internet Website which provides up-to-date Chapter and MOAA information (available to all membership categories) plus a periodic "E-Newsletter" to keep you up-to-date on late-breaking news and events from MOAA and RAC-MOAA (you must provide your e-mail address to receive the E-Newsletter).
  •   Membership meetings, trips, and other functions planned for your enjoyment - attend them all, or just a few, the choice is up to you!
  •   A comprehensive Membership Directory which provides vital and useful information and a complete directory of all Chapter members (provided via the Internet to chapter members - "hard-copy" version available for $1.50 postage).
  •   The opportunity to participate in Youth Leadership Programs for Senior and Junior ROTC Cadets and in patriotic and memorial ceremonies.
  •   The opportunity to participate in the Military Community Assistance Program (MCAP) which supports deployed troops and their families and in-patient vaterans at McGuire VA Medical Center
  •   Responsible and reliable Personal Affairs Support for you and your family during times of illness or bereavement - an invaluable benefit!