If you are an active-duty, Guard, Reserve, former or retired officer, or a surviving spouse*
We want YOU to join RAC-MOAA
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31 December 2018

If you're an active-duty, Guard or Reserve officer and not a MOAA member, you can get a free
MOAA "BASIC" electronic membership (e-mail address required) just by joining our chapter.

If you're a retired or former officer or surviving spouse and not a MOAA member,
you can become a MOAA "PREMIUM" member at the rate of $43.00 for officers;
$40.00 for surviving spouses, for a one-year enrollment.

RAC-MOAA offers three continuing "paid" membership categories for 2019:
Regular - $20.00; Paperless (regular) - $10.00; Auxiliary - $10.00.
(Auxiliary member option available only to surviving spouses of deceased officers.)
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Questions: Call CDR John Baumgarten (804-379-7586)

* All uniformed services officers with any period of honorable service qualify for membership, as well as surviving spouses of deceased officers. This includes commissioned and warrant officers of the: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, USPHS, NOAA, and National and Air Guards.  Active-duty and currently-serving Guard and Reserve officers must never have held a prior MOAA membership to qualify for the one-year free MOAA membership.